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Epic Games sent the first batch of Fortnite Battle RoyaleiOS invites last week. Now the developer is letting those playing Fortnite mobile bring their friends into the game to try it out. Existing Fortnite iOS players have received an email from the developer explaining that they can send out Fortnite Battle Royale friend invites. “You have new friend invites ready to send!” the email reads. “Share them with your friend to give them instant access to the Fortnite Invite Event on iOS.”

How to use Fortnite invite codes

To access Fortnite iOS friend invites, you will have to open the game on your iPhone or iPad. They aren’t available via the email sent to you. If you have invites to send, you’ll see a notification in the top right corner of the screen in Fortnite on your mobile device. Tapping it lets you send out links for each invite. After a Fortnite mobile friend invite is accepted, you and the recipient will be added to each other’s friends list automatically.

Fortnite mobile is in beta at the moment but that doesn’t make it any less feature-packed. There are some welcome additions like visual cues to make spotting gun fire and enemies easier while gameplay is smooth even on an iPhone 6s.

That being said, if you know someone playing Fortnite on iOS, it would be a good idea to be nice to them. Particularly if you’re curious to see what all the fuss is about. It’s perhaps the easiest way to get access to the game at this point in time.


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