When searching for new leads, it is important to assess how exactly you will be able to assist new clients. What type of real estate professional are you? It can be a difficult question to answer – it is not always easy to gauge our own strengths and weaknesses, especially in a professional setting. However, by sitting back and evaluating yourself as a professional, you will be able to find leads that are the best fits for your strengths.

evaluating yourself

What type of client are you looking for?

By answering this question, you can begin to figure out where your strong suits are with clients. It is a good question to begin with – by figuring out what types of clients you tend to gravitate towards, you will begin to better understand what professional strengths you have that cater to those specific types of clients.

Who/what do your skills benefit?

As you start to evaluate your skills, it is important to understand who (or what) those skills are generally benefitting. This question goes hand-in-hand with figuring out what types of clients you are looking for, because you can simultaneously determine what types of clients your skills will benefit the most. By figuring this out, you can continue to search for clients that you know your strengths will help.

Where can your skills grow?

While it is important to know your strengths, it is also important to know your weaknesses – or at least areas where you can push yourself to grow more. There is always room for improvement in everything you do, even in those skills that you feel like an expert in. Knowing where to improve can also help in increasing business, because you can work on skills that will attract a larger client pool. Growth is a large part of any company, and by consistently working on new skills, you can make yourself more marketable to a wider audience.


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