Kingdom Come: Deliverance PC Visuals Have Been Downgraded: Report


  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance doesn’t look as good as it did in its beta
  • Foilage and details as well as lighting are lacking
  • This comes after the game launched to mixed reviews

Open-world role-playing game Kingdom Come: Deliverance has released to mixed reviews on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. And while the game has sold over 500,000 units on PC, it appears that this version of the game has been knee-capped by visuals that are a step down from what was earlier promised.

Screenshots from design3d a member of Russian forum, Shazoo (via DSOGaming)shared images showing the difference in graphics between the Kingdom Come: Deliverance beta and the final, vanilla release. The user claimed that screenshots are from the same place with identical weather, and both versions were running on Ultra High settings.


Lighting, detail, and vegetation density all seem to have taken a hit in the final build of the game. Developers using visuals that are better than the final release to sell people on a game is nothing new. In this case however, there’s a considerable gap in the level of graphical fidelity seen in the beta and that in the final release, indicating that what was promised has been scaled down for no apparent reason. More so in a country like India where PC games are getting more expensive.

For what it’s worth we found Kingdom Come: Deliverance to be a couple of patches short of a good game when we played it on the PS4 Pro. Graphical glitches, inconsistent frame-rate, and bugs at launch make it one to wait on rather than buy right now.



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