How FIFA Inspired God of War’s Combat


  • God of War’s combat is designed to be ‘non-deterministic’
  • The game should have puzzles that aren’t as difficult as past titles
  • God of War is out on April 20

PS4-exclusive God of War release date is April 20. In the lead up to that God of War Creative Director Cory Barlog has let slip what to expect from the game. He revealed that God of War ‘s combat is inspired by FIFA of all things. And no, you won’t be hitting a ball into the net in God of War. Rather, despite familiar mechanics, “every game is different”.

“It’s the same game every time you play but it’s extremely sort of non-deterministic. Every game is different, despite every game being the same; there’s this drama that exists in every single match, even when you’re playing the same teams. There’s a magic to videogames encapsulated in the idea that I don’t ever want to lose even if I am making something that’s trying to tell a story, and we develop these characters to allow you to feel like there’s freedom here, and that is the joy of games,” Barlog said in conversation with Official PlayStation Magazine.


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In addition to this, Barlog is aware of the difficulty spikes past God of War games presented in their puzzles, suggesting things will be different this time around.

“For some people these two puzzles are hard, and for another these other puzzles are hard; so I think it’s this balancing act of like, ‘We want to give people the right sort of guidance’, and occasionally we want some people to be stumped, but very rarely do we want them to get frustrated to the point where they’re going to throw the controller down – you never want them to get to that point. There’s a sense of accomplishment [to puzzles], because I think if you were just always hitting things you’d sort of get bored – I thought the cool mixture of God Of War was the idea that you were thinking as much as tense and sweaty palms, you were trying to win the fight.

“Puzzles are always a difficult thing, I don’t think I’ve played any games where the puzzles are perfectly contextualised, unless the entire game is a puzzle game built upon that concept.”

It will be interesting to see if God of War can live up Barlog’s claims when it’s out on April 20. The price for God of War is Rs. 3,999 in India on disc and $60 internationally. There are several editions of the game up for grabs over and above the $60 standard edition which you can check out here.



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