Now, Free Video Streaming in Some Trains With PressPlay TV

Video streaming application PressPlay TV has started offering free video service in some trains, and is in talks to expand service to about 30 trains soon.

PressPlay TV has tied up with Northwestern Railways to offer free VoD service on Delhi-Bikaner bound Bikaner Intercity, and Delhi-Udaipur bound Chetak Express respectively.

“The company is in talks with Northwestern Railways to offer this service on 30 more trains in the next quarter. The service is absolutely free,” PressPlay TV co-founder and COO George Abraham said in a statement.

PressPlay TV offers content such as movies, songs, and news that users access through its Wi-Fi hotspots. To access the content, users need to install its free Android application. This content is hosted locally at PressPlay TV hotspot, so it does not need to connect to the Internet.

The PressPlay TV app automatically downloads when phone is connected to the hotspot, and users can start streaming movies and videos for free without using their mobile data, the company said.


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