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Paint color plays a crucial role in creating the atmosphere of a room. It has the ability to enhance a space, evoke emotions, and even affect our mood. One color that has been gaining popularity in recent years for its calming and soothing effect is Sherwin Williams Meditative. In this article, we will review the features of this paint color and provide a guide on how to use it effectively in your home.

Features of Sherwin Williams Meditative

Sherwin Williams Meditative is a soft, muted blue-gray with a hint of green undertones. It falls under the cool color category, making it a perfect choice for creating a serene and calming environment. This color is versatile and can work well in both modern and traditional settings. It has a timeless quality that allows it to pair well with various other colors, making it a popular choice for many homeowners and designers.

The Calming Effect of Sherwin Williams Meditative

Sherwin Williams Meditative has a calming effect that makes it perfect for use in areas of the home where relaxation and tranquility are desired. The color is associated with the sea and sky, which has a calming and soothing effect on the mind. It has been known to help reduce stress levels, making it an ideal choice for bedrooms, bathrooms, and meditation spaces.

Using Sherwin Williams Meditative in Different Spaces

Bedroom: When used in the bedroom, Sherwin Williams Meditative creates a serene and peaceful environment that promotes rest and relaxation. Pair it with white linens and wood accents for a cozy and inviting space.

Bathroom: In the bathroom, Sherwin Williams Meditative can create a spa-like environment that promotes relaxation. Pair it with white tiles and chrome accents for a clean and polished look.

Living room: In the living room, Sherwin Williams Meditative can be used as an accent color to add a touch of tranquility to the space. Pair it with beige or cream-colored furniture for a sophisticated and timeless look.

Kitchen: In the kitchen, Sherwin Williams Meditative can be used on the walls or as an accent color on cabinets or backsplashes. Pair it with white or gray cabinets for a modern and elegant look.

Tips for Using Sherwin Williams Meditative

  1. Pair it with warm colors: Sherwin Williams Meditative pairs well with warm colors such as beige, taupe, and cream. This creates a balanced and harmonious color scheme that is pleasing to the eye.
  2. Use it as an accent color: Sherwin Williams Meditative can be used as an accent color in any room. This allows you to incorporate the calming effect of the color without overwhelming the space.
  3. Use it in natural light: Sherwin Williams Meditative looks best in natural light. If you are planning to use it in a room with limited natural light, consider using a lighter shade of the color to avoid making the room look too dark.


Sherwin Williams Meditative is a beautiful and versatile color that has a calming and soothing effect. It is perfect for creating a serene environment in any room of the home. When used effectively, it can enhance the atmosphere of a space and evoke feelings of tranquility and relaxation. By following our guide and tips, you can use Sherwin Williams Meditative to transform your home into a peaceful oasis.

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