Last year Ken Pillonel did what Apple has been refusing to do – make an iPhone with a USB-C port. Ken also modded some AirPods with a USB-C port as well. For his next frankensteinian creation, Ken has converted an Android phone to use a Lightning port.

The device started life as a Samsung Galaxy A51 and it had a standard issue USB-C 2.0 port. After the transmogrification was complete, the phone had a fully-functioning Lightning port with support for data and charging. Below is a short demo:

The creator of the first iPhone with USB-C adds a Lightning port to an Android phone

The creator says that a more detailed video is coming up soon. The video will delve deeper into what it took to pull off this transformation.

This is perhaps not the most useful creation, but Ken Pillonel says that he wanted to bring balance to the world after making the USB-C iPhone. And it is an impressive feat of engineering.


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