Here’s an amazing Navratri diet plan that won’t affect your weight loss goals

The nine-day festival Navratri is celebrated every year with great pomp and show across the country. Navratri this year has already begun on October 7 and will end on October 15.

Though Navratri fasting has a religious significance, it is also scientifically a great way to cleanse your body with the right food to lose some weight and tone your body.

But first, we need to look at some obvious reasons why the nine-day fasting makes us gain weight.

Reasons for weight gain during Navratri fast

– Nowadays, we are provided with different kinds of vrat snacks or vrat dishes in the markets. Therefore, skipping fruits and vegetables or home-cooked food and eating more of Navratri food available outside, including packaged food, chips, thalis, laddoos, while fasting is one of the reasons why we tend to gain weight during Navratri fasting.

– Not drinking enough water during fast.

– It is seen that when breaking the fast, many of us go crazy and eat anything and everything, which ultimately makes us gain more weight.


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