You were sitting in a booth with two of your best friends and their dates. Always known as the joker of the group, you leaned in to kiss your best friend’s girlfriend, but he was too wasted to notice you were teasing him. When his fists started flailing, you moved out of the way and fell off your seat and onto the floor with a bang. As others moved in to take part in the action, you stayed down and moved to the side of the room, and that is where the police found you – and arrested you. So, what do you do now?

Being Processed

There is nothing fun about being searched, photographed, or fingerprinted after you have been arrested, but you need to be courteous to the clerks helping you through all the steps after the arrest. Once the details are taken care of and your Miranda Rights are read, you will be ushered into a waiting area or interview room, and then into a holding cell. If you are questioned, you have the right to ask for a lawyer.

Remaining Calm

There is no benefit in becoming unruly during your time in the holding cell, or when you have a meeting with the judge. Instead, remain calm and listen as the judge recites the charges you were arrested for, and the amount of bail you will be required to pay to be released. Once the judicial meeting is over, contact someone that can speak to the bail bonds Allentown PA, and get you out of jail. Remember that your release has conditions, and if you violate any of the conditions, you will end up back in jail.

If you get arrested, know you have rights, and one of those rights may be bail. Although not everyone is entitled to be set free, if you are, count your lucky stars.

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