10 Small Business Security Systems

You’ve worked hard to grow your business. So the last thing you want is for a theft or disaster to destroy what you’ve built. A security system can help you monitor your business and lessen the impact of burglary, fire or similar incidents. Each business will need a different type of security, so it’s important to carefully consider your specific needs before making this decision.

Daniel Putterman, CEO of computer vision and AI security company Kogniz said in a phone interview with Small Business Trends, “Find tools that make sense for what your business really needs. Ideally, find something that speeds up the process and gives you alerts or works in real time. This can help you move from being reactive to being proactive.”

Small Business Security Systems

With that in mind, here are some of the options that you might consider for your small business security needs.


Kogniz is a relatively new solution that uses computer vision and AI to provide a unique security solution for small companies. You can add photos of known shoplifters, use it to detect unusual activities, large backpacks that may indicate shoplifters, or even point out weapons or safety threats. According to Putterman, the company is dedicated to making advanced security features more accessible to small businesses, so plans start at just $100 a month.


SimpliSafe is a home security system that also offers solutions for commercial properties. The company offers cameras, alarms and custom systems. You don’t have to sign a contract, and there’s no complicated equipment that needs to be installed.


ADT is a security and alarm company that provides solutions for a wide range of properties. You get professional monitoring 24/7 and can access camera streams and arm/disarm functionality right from your phone. You can build a custom solution for your business and even access advanced features like video verification that alerts law enforcement while a crime is in progress.

STANLEY Security

STANLEY Security will visit your small business and do a full security risk assessment to help you build the solution that is right for your property. They offer solutions to combat shoplifting, internal theft, unauthorized access and damage from fire or disasters. You can also build custom solutions for additional properties if you have a multi-location business.

Vector Security

Vector Security provides a wide range of solutions for small businesses, including video surveillance, mobile access, burglar alarms, and fire and carbon monoxide detection. You can get simple access controls for your business so you and your team can gain entry when you need to, while giving you full insights into unauthorized or unusual activity.


Abode is a DIY home security solution that could also work for certain small businesses. You purchase a starter kit and then add on cameras, door and window sensors or key fobs to control who can access the building.


Scout is another DIY solution. You can build a network of relevant devices for your small office or retail space. You can purchase motion and access sensors, door panels and cameras. It also has a mobile app so you can control everything from your phone. And it integrates with other products like Google Home and Amazon Echo.


Tattletale is a portable alarm system that you can use to protect your office or even temporary work sites. Once it is activated, it cannot be moved or tampered with. And it alerts local authorities immediately if there’s unauthorized access to the property.

SHIELD Security

SHIELD is a full service security company that provides burglar alarms, video surveillance, access control systems and fire protection. You can work with the company to create a customized solution for your location and then use the mobile app to monitor all activity in your business from anywhere.

Protection 1

Another division of ADT, Protection 1 provides security solutions for specific verticals, including apartment buildings, restaurants, retail and transportation companies. Since they’re built for specific types of businesses, they’re likely to provide the exact solutions that are relevant for your business.


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