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Almost every one of us on the planet has a favorite sport that we play or follow. So finding the Best Sports Blogs is no small feat! But I guarantee, you will be stoked with this really cool selection of sporting blogs. Whether you’re into NFL, NFA, MBL, kayaking, cricket, baseball, gymnastics, badminton, rock climbing, or chess, there is going to be a Sports Blog (or five) that you will become addicted to!

The sporting culture runs deep, and sports played at school and college level are totally geared for producing future star athletes across the board.

Despite some lengthy and extreme surfing and googling sessions, I still can’t define the different sports blog niches completely. It’s a vast and seemingly endless array of non-stop action. One thing I did decide, in my quest to find the creme de la creme, was to leave out sporting blogs that involved betting. I reckon those blogs would fall under gaming. What do you guys think?

Sports blog niches

Here’s a sample of typical sports blog niches:

  • Action Sports Blogs (also called Adventure or Extreme Sports)
  • Aquatic Sports Blogs (Ocean Sports, Water Sports)
  • Contact Sports Blogs
  • Olympic Games Sports Blogs
  • Leisure Sports Blogs
  • Spectator Sports Blogs (Tennis, Cricket, Grand Prix)
  • Sports News and Entertainment Blogs
  • Strange and Bizarre Sports Blogs
  • Specialized Sports Blogs (like Archery, Equestrian Sports, Chess, and Snooker)

This is by no means a complete list of possible categories, but it’ll pretty much cover the main sports (and top blogs) that I want to showcase today.

As with all blogging genres, the many blogging niches within the Sports category are an open invitation to create your own sports blog. Anyone that loves writing about sports could start a Sports Blog. And as you’ll see from Our Top 36 Sports Blog selection, many companies that sell sports gear include amazing blogs that keep you all updated on the latest results, games, matches, news, and other sporting events.

Competitive sports will usually have an “official” sports blog. These are usually the most informative. But variety is the spice of life. There are also 1000s of sports blogs dedicated to amateur sports and people who enjoy taking part in different sports just for the social and fitness aspects.

So let’s jump straight in!

Action Sport Blogs

Action sports are sports that involve speed, risk, or fighting the elements. Such blogs often sell the gear that goes with it. So you’ll find lots of product reviews. You’ll also get a nice mix of travel, adventure, lifestyle, and fitness thrown in.

The following list describes popular action sports.

  • Cycling
  • Mountain Biking
  • Skydiving
  • White Water Rafting
  • Abseiling
  • Rock and Mountain climbing
  • Motor X
  • Motor Racing
  • Surfing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Kite Surfing
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Skateboarding

And the list goes on. Many of you probably take part in one, or more, of these sports. Not all sports are competitive. Although, having said that, most of us have a built-in competitive streak that finds us competing with our mates even if it’s just for fun. Sometimes sports bloggers will merge sports with lifestyle, fitness blogs, and travel blogs. So the target audience can be quite broad at times. Other sports blogs will target a small niche audience.

The following blogs will interest anyone that actively engages in these types of sports, as well as people that enjoy following the careers of athletes who take part in these sports professionally.

1. Mpora

Mpora is jam-packed with exciting, current news from the adventure sports world. Not only will you find excellent digital magazine articles, but they also have blog posts that can be accessed by clicking on their Outdoor 100 tag. Here you’ll find advice and reviews on all the action and adventure sports around.

They cover:

  • Rock Climbing, Abseiling, and Canyoning
  • Walking, Hiking, and Trail Running
  • Adventure Cycling, Mountain Biking, and BMXing
  • Mountaineering
  • Skiing and Snowboarding
  • Surfing, Skateboarding, and more.

You can also read about: What to Blog About – 14 Ways to Choose a Blog Topic.

2. Surfdome

Surfdome is an Adventure Sports fan’s one-stop-shop. Their online store caters to men, women, and kids. You will find top-notch brands from Adidas to Billabong to Ray-Ban and Volcom. They cover gear for surf, snow, skate, and outdoor sports as well as top fashion for athletes. Click on the Sustainability tag to get to the 2 blogs.

One is called Sustainability blog, the other is Lifestyle blog.

Here are the latest blog titles in the Sustainability blog:

  • Plastic Cutback: A Surfdome x Patagonia Initiative
  • Our Environment is Changing. Are You? Be 1% Better.

While over on their Lifestyle blog you’ll find articles like this:

  • Best Jacket Picks for Autumn 2020
  • Surfdome sounds: Mario Azuzura
  • Core Classics

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3. Move United Sport

Disabled Sports USA has merged with Adaptive Sports USA to become Move United Sport. This site, with its blog, is geared towards starting conversations that will lead to positive change for a diverse and inclusive environment to fully represent the people they serve.

These are the latest blog post titles:

  • Move United Expands efforts To Reach Adaptive Athletes With Diverse Backgrounds
  • Move United Member Network Expanding
  • Adaptive Mountain Biking Webinar Series

4. Olympic Games

This is the official Olympic Games site, and you get a double whammy because you can also go to Tokyo2020.org for more news. Because the 2020 Olympics could not be held as planned, it’s rescheduled for 23 July – 8 August 2021.

The olympic.org site, being the official games site, is the place you want to start out if you have been bitten by Olympic fever. Everything from the Ancient Games to Paralympic Games to the opening and closing ceremonies can be found here.

If you click on the news tab you’ll find categories that have relevant news. Winter, Olympics, YOG (Youth Olympic Games), Legacy, Sustainability, IOC news, you name it, it’s all here. Watch videos, find info on teams, athletes, results of previous games, and more.

Then go to tokyo2020.org and binge on even more Olympic Games fodder.

Best Rock and Mountain Climbing Sports Blogs

5. Climbing

Climbing is a magazine for climbers at more advanced levels. But beginners will be inspired and motivated by the climbing locations and adventure trails written about here. This digital magazine gives you an enormous amount of practical advice on climbing techniques, training schedules, diet, and gear.

Subscribers get access to even more info, not available to casual guests. Click on the news tab to access a choice of excellent articles or go to climbing.com/blog to get to their blog posts. The blog is full of content on first ascents, competitions, accidents, and more!

6. Rock Climbing for Women

This awesome climbing blog for women focuses on climbing techniques, essentials, and reviews that cover everything from chalk bags to helmets, harnesses, and shoes. You will find articles on indoor and outdoor climbing. And there is a blog with articles that cover current events, news from the world of women climbers, and articles on various climbing venues and locations.

7. Rock Climbing Central

Paul is a rock climber from Leeds, in the UK. And this is his personal blog. He shares what he has learned to help others avoid the rookie climbing mistakes he has made. The landing page has a great block layout, featuring the latest articles. Here are some of the titles of these informative posts:

  • How much does rock climbing cost?
  • Or how to easily improve overhangs.
  • How to care for your feet after you’ve been rock climbing.
  • How often should you climb as a beginner?

To access the blog post archives, that are loaded with more helpful information for beginners, go to rockclimbingcentral.com/blog.

8. The Rockulus

Jake and Katherine Harmer are the authors (and avid rock climbers) of this blog. It’s a blog with a simple yet striking layout. It’s easy to navigate and the blog posts get accessed from the home page. Just click on “Latest Posts”.

The Rockulus covers canyoneering and rock climbing. Under the “Recommended Gear” section you will find sound advice, especially if you are just starting out and don’t know much about gear. They keep it simple for beginners to grasp. The gear section covers everything from ropes to helmets to belay devices.

Their blog covers:

  • Adventures
  • Canyoneering
  • Gear Guide
  • How-to Articles and
  • Tips

Best Ocean Sport Blogs

9. Surfer Magazine

Surfer, the magazine, has been going since 1960! And it’s as popular as ever. You will find articles and ripping surf news under Features, Videos, How-To, and Gear.

For blog posts click on the Magazine tab. Or type in surfer.com/blogs/

For gnarly videos and shredding gear reviews, Surfer remains one of the top surfing sites online. The articles are super casual, humorous, and are peppered with typical surf jargon and lingo.

10. The Surfer’s View

The Surfer’s View has surf cams set up so you can check out the surf, live! Check the waves at Long Island Beach, Hawaii, California, and even internationally. For blog posts click on the Features tab.
Here you’ll find a list of topics to choose from:

  • Surf News
  • Pro Corner
  • Events
  • Surf Fitness
  • Reviews
  • Stories
  • And more.

11. Still Stoked

“Daring Dreams, Wild Paths”

This digital online magazine is free to download! When you download you’ll get access to:

  • The Still Stoked Tribe
  • Coaches and Courses
  • Life Hacks and Advice
  • Exclusive Member discounts
  • Downloadable Guides
  • First to hear exclusives
  • General RADness

The feature articles on the site are focused on female surfers. And this is definitely more of a mag for surfers chicks than it is for dudes. Blog posts under “features” have titles like:

  • Surfing During Pregnancy: What to expect in trimester three
  • Eight Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle Swaps
  • Lake Surfistas: Women of the Great Lakes Surfing Community

Still Stoked also covers lifestyle topics like yoga, fitness, nutrition, beauty, travel, and photography.

12. ZigZag Magazine

Another surfing mag that has a huge digital following around the globe. Zig Zag is a South African surf mag. And for surfers, you know the hype surrounding iconic surf spots all along the South African coastline. From Durban’s Salt Rock to the lower South Coast’s many surfing beaches to the epic barrel rides in J-Bay, this mag features a surfer’s paradise.

And like all great surf mags, this one covers everything from environmental issues to the latest surf news. The interviews, an artist’s corner and more, will keep you entertained for hours, perfect for a flat day.

Water Polo and Swimming

13. Swimming

“The Home of Swimming, Diving, Artistic Swimming, and Water Polo”

This is a UK-centered swimming site. But all water babies will enjoy the swimming news features, the tips and training advice, and the general information. There is a new blog post every day. Much of the content is focused on getting swimmers back into the water after the year that 2020 was. So it is relevant to swimmers worldwide that are itching to get back to their training.

You will also find articles featuring swim coaching, water polo, artistic swimming (synchronized swimming), and more!

14. Water Polo Fit

This is a really cool site for water polo players and fans alike. They have a blog and a podcast. You can read about the latest podcast episodes from the blog.
They offer consulting and coaching. If you have questions for the podcast you can contact them via waterpolo.fit.

Marin Lazic and James Falzon are both water polo pros who now coach and consult. With their experience, they hope to inspire, and educate, up and coming players. Through their blog, you will get the guidance, motivation, and practical advice from two of the world’s best ex-professional water polo players.

15. Water Polo Planet

This site is geared at college level water polo. The blog section is under the Articles tab. It’s broken up into many categories. Find articles on proper training and nutrition for water polo players as well as information on the different training techniques.

They also cover water polo rules, water polo tactics and stories, team building, and lots more. Very informative, well-laid out. If you are thinking of playing water polo in college, this is a good site to bookmark.

16. USA Water Polo

This is the official USA Water Polo site. It has many articles and contains all the information a water polo player needs, with regards to the structure of the zones across the States. News for the teams, clubs, and individuals can be found here.

International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (iwwf.sport)
This is the official site for wakeboarding and waterskiing in America. If you follow the sport or participate at a competitive level, then you’ll find all the latest news, events, and results here.

You will also find all their archived news pieces as well as archived results of competitions past.

Winter Sports Blogs

18. Snowboarding Days

Geared for snowboarders at all skill levels, this blog is loaded with awesome photos, great blog posts, and informative advice.

From learning how to snowboard to where the best snowboarding locations are, this blog covers it all.

19. The Ski Monster (theskimonster.com)

This is a site that sells skiing and snowboarding gear and accessories but they also have a blog that reviews all these goods. The blog covers topics from food to cameras to breaking news to interviews. Skimonster.com has a really cool backstory.

Skimonster was started in 2007, in a college dorm, by George Michaelsen and Eric Gerrmann. They made their first online sale in 2008 and in 2014, opened a store along with three ski-crazed friends. Between 2015-2019 they grew from 5 to 25 staff.

The blog posts are a collaboration of authors, all mad about snow sports. This blog is genuine. Not an official site with news and not a corporation masquerading as a blog, but an authentic blog and online store that became so successful so fast that the founders went into it full time in 2009. And haven’t looked back since.

20. Snowboard Addiction

This is an excellent, well-organized site for all snowboard enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, an expert, or anywhere in between, you will find helpful guides on how to become better at snowboarding. They describe how you can train using certain apparatus, like trampolines, before you hit the snow.

There are loads of tutorial video clips that also cover the technical aspects of setting up your snowboard as well as advice on mental preparation. An excellent site for snowboarders. Bookmark it!

21. Old Guys Rip Too

This is the blog and website of Dave Van Etten and Chris Forgham, two ex-pro skateboarders, and snowboarders. Their blogs are prolific with both guys adding posts throughout each month. Dave is based in Pocatello, Idaho, and Chris is in Denver, Colorado. Together, but apart, they give fantastic, knowledgeable reviews on gear they promote, test, and sell for various brands.

They also interview skateboard and snowboard legends. A great review blog for anyone wanting solid advice on what gear to buy, how it works, and why you need it. They also blog about injury prevention, the latest industry news, and give resort reviews.

Motor Sports and Motor X Blogs

22. MotorSport

Whether you’re into F1, NASCAR, WEC, Open Wheel, Formula E, and more, MotorSport covers it.

The site features news, articles, videos, racing schedules, results, drivers, and teams.

23. RacerX Online

RacerX is a MotoCross magazine that brings its readers more than just results and information. They dig deeper to deliver excellent content that will leave you entertained and better informed. Whether it’s the latest MotoX news or behind-the-scenes action, RacerX covers the world of MotoX.

24. Motocross Action Magazine

“The World’s Leading Publication About motocross and Supercross”

This online magazine has features, news, bike tests, and more. It’s a multimedia site with lots of action, racing clips and bike tests going back to the 2000s.

Here is a sample of what you get under the “Features” section:

  • Ask MXperts
  • Interviews
  • Mid-week Reports
  • Two-Stroke Tuesdays
  • Rumors and Gossip
  • Thursday Theatre
  • Jody’s Box And more!

Top Contact Sports Blogs

Some sports are classed as low-contact, non-contact and full-contact sports while others may get labeled, collision sports. Sports like tennis, cricket, baseball, gymnastics, and golf, fall under non-contact or low-contact. Collision sports include football, basketball, and ice hockey. And then you get full contact sports like boxing, wrestling, and MMA.

Blogs that cover these types of sports often include sports news and entertainment.

Best Contact Sports Blogs that cover football, basketball, baseball, etc.

25. ESPN

“Serving Sports Fans. Anytime. Anywhere.”

ESPN covers most mainstream sporting events. At the top of the page are tabs: MLB, NFL, cricket, tennis, boxing, football, soccer, rugby, and more. Clicking on your sport of preference will take you to those particular sports highlights, current affairs, match results, upcoming events, and more.

If you type in espn.com/espn/blogs you will go to a page that has a wide choice of blogs on specific amateur leagues and college teams. Choose from college basketball, NFL, racing, fantasy football, college sports, recruiting, mixed martial arts, and much more. Sports blog heaven is what this is. Whatever team or sport you support, you will find blogs here.


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