Don’t let yellow teeth ruin the perfect selfie for you!

Of all the things that can ruin a perfect selfie, yellow teeth flashing bright in the picture, is top of the list. Yellow teeth, ladies and gentlemen, can make your life a living hell. They take away your self-confidence as you are always scared of people noticing them. The question, then, is as to what causes the teeth to go yellow. We got in touch with experts Dr Rahul Vohra, (BDS MDS Prosthodontics) and Dr Archa Bhargava (BDS), who list out a number of dental mistakes that lead to yellow teeth

Acidic mouthwash or excessive use of mouthwash

There is no harm in using a mouthwash, unless you’re overdoing it, or using one that is acidic. The latter can dry up your mouth, decreasing the production of saliva in your mouth. Now, saliva is a combination of minerals, enzymes, and oxygen compounds, and highly important for maintaining the right PH level in the mouth. Saliva also protects the enamel (mineral layer protecting the teeth from decay), using an acidic mouthwash or using it excessively can damage the latter.

Dealing with acidic fruits and vegetables

Yellow teeth in some people can also be a result of lack of proper oral care after consuming citrus fruits and carbonated drinks, which make the enamel thicker and lead to yellow teeth. However, this doesn’t mean that you leave them out of your diet; all you have to do is drink water after eating them, which will help rinse the teeth out.

Consumption of tea and coffee

Yellow teeth among tea and coffee addicts are rarely a surprise. Since both of these are major staining agents, excessive consumption means your enamel is in constant contact with them. Since enamel is porous, the stains go deeper. Clean your teeth regularly to deal with it, or drink through a straw to avoid contact with enamel. .

Eating excessive sweets

Those with a sweet tooth, especially those with a weakness for chocolates are at particularly at risk of getting yellow teeth. Sweets tend to increase the acidity in your mouth, which, again, is harmful for the enamel. So, remember to drink water after eating sweets.

Bad oral routine

One doesn’t need to go too far to know the reason behind their yellow teeth. Often, it is plain bad oral hygiene routine. Brushing twice a day is essential, but if there’s one thing that people are guilty of not doing enough, is flossing. It helps prevent accumulation of plaque on your enamel.A lot of lifestyle habits, too, are to blame for yellow teeth, including smoking, and excessive consumption of artificially-flavoured sports drinks.


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