In my line of work I need to speak and spend time with many hotel owners, in a bid to help them turn their fortunes around. The hotel industry has been hit hard from the emergence of the vacation rental market and from websites such as AirBnb, and they must be creative in order to get the customers that they once had.

Some hotels have no issues at all, just last week in fact I was in the Bicycle Casino hotel in California, a stunning hotels with a brilliant casino that is almost always full to the rafters. The reason why these hotels have no issues, is because they moved with the times. A great place for you to solicit more business is through the use of Instagram and here are some tips for you to employ, which can help you to get more followers, and ultimately more customers.

Go Hard On Content

The idea of an Instagram page for your hotel is not only to show off what your hotel is all about, but it is also a chance to impress people. You really need to ensure that every picture or video which is uploaded to your hotel’s profile is of very high quality. When people are perusing your profile and deciding on whether or not they will follow your page, you need to ensure that what they see is great content about your hotel. Make sure that you spend time on getting your photos and videos just right.


Geotagging is a way in which you can let people know where you are and it is a great way in which you can earn more followers. If people are looking for businesses in your area, your geotag will notify them of where you are, perfect for gaining more customers and more followers.


Contrary to popular belief, hashtags do still play a very important role in Instagram and if you can get creative with your hashtags, you can bring in many more followers. Hashtags are basically a way of aggregating topics and with more people using Instagram as a search engine, you can capitalize on the use of hashtags to bring more followers your way.

Getting Involved

Just because you have a business page, does not mean that you shouldn’t get involved in popular topics or debates and in doing so you can expose your profile page to more people. Look for hot topics or hot conversations within your niche and add some comments to the conversation. If you are able to add value by writing something funny or pertinent to the conversation, you can make yourself look far more attractive to a wider audience and this can really help to boost how many followers you have.

The key to gaining more followers is about adding value to Instagram and getting involved in the overall community, do this and you can count on more followers and more custom.

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