According to Wylie Chang the benefits of learning to play an instrument are social, intellectual, and physical. Best of all, they last a lifetime. She has taken the time to write down all these benefits, culminating in one clear notion: everybody should learn to play an instrument.

The Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument According to Wylie Chang

  1. Fine motor coordination

Chimpanzees are incredibly strong animals. Yet, they cannot do anything delicate. That is because, as closely related as they are to us, they do not have any fine motor coordination. It is this coordination that allowed humans to reach the top of the food chain. Playing a musical instrument significant enhances this.

  1. Group identity

A second thing is that when you learn to play an instrument, you become part of a group. This could be physical group, such as a band or an orchestra, but it is also one that extends beyond that. People who play instruments always have something to talk about with others who also play, almost like a fraternity.

  1. Intelligence

A lot of studies have shown that those who learned to play an instrument as a child are, overall, more intelligent than those who did not. There are different factors at play here, but it is believed to be mainly because you need to use more of your brain to play.

  1. Discipline

Learning an instrument doesn’t happen overnight. It requires patience and practice, and a whole lot of self-discipline. Being disciplined is something that will serve you well throughout your life, in every career.

  1. Achievement and status

When you play an instrument, you will always have something to do. Not just that, you will be the one people turn to during social gatherings to provide entertainment. The one who plays the instrument sets the tone for the evening.

  1. Spirituality, stress relief, and fun

When you play an instrument, you release happy hormones. This is why music is such an integral part of almost every religion as well. Most of all, it allows you to just escape the stresses of life for a while.

  1. Positive effects on others

Music is an emotional thing that affects everybody who hears it. When you play, others feel happy. That is something to be proud of.

  1. Timing

All music is down to timing. Many other things in life are equally down to timing, however. Hence, by playing an instrument, you may become better at various other skills as well.

  1. Self-confidence

There is something special about being able to do something. When people turn to you with admiration because you play so well, you can rightfully feel proud of that.

  1. Prestige

Last but not least, the better you become, the higher your prestige will be, particularly within the musical community. Even trying to learn an instrument will already get you noticed, because someone who puts in the necessary effort is instantly respected. The better you get, the more of that respect you will get as well.

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