Gmail for iOS Gets AI-Based Smart Notifications for High-Priority Emails


  • Gmail for iOS has received a ‘High priority only’ notification feature
  • It lets you receive notifications only for the high-priority emails
  • The new experience will also reach Android devices

Gmail for iOS will now send you notifications only when the emails important to you reach your inbox. Leveraging machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, the new feature helps you get rid of alerts from spam emails and some random newsletters. The latest update will be rolled out in the coming days as a server-side change. It will also arrive on Android devices sometime in the future. Notably, Google revealed the development of its advanced feature alongside detailing the redesigned Gmail experience back in April. The company at that time also specified a shortcut to let users easily unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters using Gmail’s AI algorithms.

Google in a fresh blog post highlights that the new notifications-focused feature uses ML and AI capabilities of Gmail to identify which messages you may want to read first. To enable the new smart notifications feature, select the High priority only option from the Notifications drop-down in the Settings menu of your Gmail for iOS app. The app will also notify you about the latest change and let you try the new notifications experience by turning it on directly from the default high priority only notifications feature google Gmail

Being a server-side change, Google says that the new feature will be rolled out in the next one to three days time. You, however, need to have the latest Gmail version on your iOS device to get the upgraded notifications experience.

This isn’t the first time when Google has brought a change to the way we receive email notifications. The Sundar Pichai-led company already offers the ability to snooze certain emails. Inbox by Gmail, another email service by the company, provides features such as notification prioritisation to make it easier for users to receive notifications only for the emails that are important for them. Moreover, the latest feature was announced alongside the major design changes for Gmail in April. The company also detailed the shortcut that will enable unsubscription from newsletters with a single tap on the screen.


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