Google Testing Recent Tab, Offline Search, Lite Mode Features in Search App

Google Testing Recent Tab, Offline Search, Lite Mode Features in Search App
Google is testing new features in its Search app on Android, according to several users. The search engine giant is making server-side changes to the Search app (aka Google app) which is making the new Recent tab visible to users alongside new Offline and Lite search mode options.

It’s worth mentioning that Google’s new Recent, Offline Search, and Lite mode features are not available to all Search app for Android users. In our case, we could only spot the new Lite Search mode on the latest version Google Search app for Android available to us (v6.9.36.21).

The new Recent tab option is available from the hamburger option and as the name suggests, it shows the recent searched pages on Google. With the new Recent tab in Search app, users can directly access few last searched pages. Notably, the Recent tab option inside Search app will show clubbed pages in case there were several pages browsed with a blue mark at the bottom of the page.
The Offline Search mode, on the other hand, will allow users to access pages that couldn’t open due to poor Internet or no data connection. Android Police points out that the Offline Search mode within Search app will help users get notified if the page again loads after data is back. The option will also allow users to access pending searches in the Offline Search mode.
Lastly, the new Lite search mode inside Google Search simplifies pages so they use less data and load faster. Users get three options under Lite search mode: they can choose to always use Lite search mode to save data, or automatic, which uses Lite search mode only when a slow connection is detected, or to turn off Lite search mode. The new Lite search mode essentially serves purpose of accessing the content in low connectivity areas.