For us ladies, I almost feel as though they should teach skincare in school as there is so much confusing and conflicting information out there. Many sincere companies peddle myths to help you to buy their products and as consumers, we can easily get confused. I tried and failed with so many creams, serums and magic potions over the years, and I never seemed to be able to get it right. Thankfully there are some companies out there who keep it simple and produce great, natural skincare products and that is why I have been using Jeunesse for the last few years with great results.

The truth is that aside from the vital products which we use, skincare is more about the way in which we live and conduct ourselves. If your skin looks tired, wrinkled or greasy, here are some tips on how you can improve it.


The amount of water which most of us drink each day is simply not enough to help our bodies to function to the best of their ability, and that includes how our body’s skin works, repairs and rejuvenates. On average, women should be drinking between 3 and 4 litres of water every day in order to give your bodies the right amount of hydration. The negative effects of dehydration can cause cracked, dry and damaged skin because the water is sucked from the skin to help out with other areas of the body. Great looking skin is not about tricks and potions, often it is far more simple and drinking water will have a hugely beneficial effect.

Fruit and Veg

A health diet  is not just about losing weight and packing in plenty of fruit and veg into your diet will give your body many enriching and healthy nutrients and vitamins, which can help your skin to look better. We often simply need to give our skin a helping hand to do its own job and if you provide it with the vitamins and minerals that it needs, you can rely on your skin to do the rest in terms of repairing damage and boosting its vitality.

Bad Habits

If you do have greasy or dry looking skin, this is probably as a result of bad habits which you must cut out if you want to boost how your skin looks. Things like smoking, too much alcohol, a lack of sleep and eating fatty or greasy foods can really have a damaging effect on your skin. As we mentioned before, the key to having skin is not complex, but rather it is about giving your skin the very best opportunity for it to take care of itself. In order to give your skin the tools to do its job well, make sure that you are giving it unnecessary work to do through living in an unhealthy way.

Stay focused on your skin follow these tips and it will be looking great in absolutely no time.

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