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Other than unemployment, Indians are worried about financial and political corruption, crime and violence, poverty and social inequality and climate change.

While job concern is the top pain point for urban Indians, the people still remain hopeful about the country’s progression and are the most optimistic of the global lot. “At least 46% of urban Indians polled are most worried about unemployment or joblessness,” Ipsos said in a report on Friday, adding that despite their concerns, a majority of urban Indians feel that India is moving in the right direction. Other than unemployment, Indians are worried about financial and political corruption, crime and violence, poverty and social inequality and climate change. The Indian people share their concerns with their global counterparts as poverty and social inequality also concerns citizens around the world.

“Government will need to put a greater emphasis on job creation as lack of jobs continue to bother urban Indians, as more youngsters keep getting added to the job market. Also, tighter controls are needed to address other niggling issues,” Parijat Chakraborty, Country Service Line Leader, Public Affairs & Corporate Reputation, Ipsos India, said in the report.

Global citizens are not as cheerful about their country’s performance, unlike their Indian counterparts. They were seen to be highly pessimistic about the future, and 61% of those polled said that their country is on the wrong track. “Urban connected Indians from large cities continue to hold onto their classical optimism, unlike their global counterparts – the factors worrying the countries seem to have not impacted them as yet,” Parijat Chakraborty said.

Meanwhile, consumer confidence in India has picked up after months of slump as various government measures kick in boost the mood. “In December, consumer confidence has further surged by 3.3 percentage points,” Thomson Reuters-Ipsos said in a recent report. This means that consumers are more willing to shop. The confidence has remained low for some time now as the country has been reeling under an economic slowdown since February 2019. The same has reflected on customer purchases as sales dipped for many industries. However, the mood surged post-Diwali.


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