Mechanics and custodians alike go through a lot of janitorial wiping rags. It only makes sense, then, to buy shop rags in bulk. If you’re not sure if it’s the right way to go, consider the benefits.

Save Money
Buying in bulk has the potential to save you a considerable amount of money. If you’re only buying individually or by the dozen right now, you could be spending quite a bit when you break it down per rag. When you make the commitment to buy larger quantities, the cost per rag drops considerably. It will ultimately improve your bottom line so that you can utilize profits in other areas of your business.

Have Plenty in Stock
There’s nothing worse than running out of shop rags in the middle of a project. Further, you don’t have to wait several days to get more in stock. It’s much easier to know that you have a large amount in storage. Otherwise, you could end up spending more money by using disposables that weren’t meant to clean up the same things as shop rags.

Simplify Cleanup
Often, if rags or other cleaning supplies are in short demand, it will impact how janitors clean everything. They may focus on doing the bare minimum because they are trying to stretch their supplies for as long as possible. The problem with doing so is that it can also affect the overall level of clean that can be obtained. When there are more rags around, janitors can grab as many as they need to get the job done right.

You have to consider what’s best for your business. Whether you’re running a janitorial company or even a repair garage, the shop rags will be used. It’s beneficial to buy in bulk so that you save money and always have plenty around.

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