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One of the biggest challenges of going traveling is having enough money to allow you to see all of the places which you would like to see, and do all the activities which you are looking forward to. One of the best ways then, in which you can travel to the extent that you’d like to, is to work abroad. After qualifying form university I was luck enough to find some travel physical therapy jobs around the world and in 3 years I worked on 4 different continents. There are loads of jobs available depending on what it is that you’d like to do, and what your skills are, let’s take a look.

Bar Work

Bar work is one of the most popular jobs for travellers to take on as there are bars all over the world. These kind of jobs also have a pretty high turnover of staff which means that finding what is not very hard at all. The job may not pay a great deal but you can still supplement your travels with the salary and meet some great people as you work.


Throughout Europe,the United States and South America there are huge areas of vineyards which recruit temporary staff when the time comes to pick the grapes. If you want a unique experience then you could spend a season working for a vineyards in a wine producing nation. More often than not you’ll be given a small salary of your work, but you’ll also be given board and meals which means that you can take the chance to save up for your next trip.


There are many options all over the world for you to teach English to young students and in many cases, this can be a highly rewarding position. These jobs are especially popular throughout Asia and many people will go to spend a year living in countries like Japan, South Korea and Vietnam to experience the local culture and make some good eatings as they help young boys and girls to further their grasp of the English language.

Au Pair

If you love working with children then perhaps an au pair is the position for you. These are jobs which will see you living with a family and looking after their children. The reason why so many people enjoy this kind of position is because they can have one on one interaction with children, they can make good money and they will be accepted and treated like a member of the family. Being an au pair is also one of the best ways to gain an understanding of your new country as the family will be able to show you how they live, and teach you a little about their culture and their way of life. Being an au pair is a fantastic experience for anyone who is looking to work with children, save money and travel.

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