6 Secrets to Travel Better When on the Flight

6 Secrets to Travel Better When on the Flight

There’s no greater joy than traveling to new places, discovering new cultures, cuisines and traditions. Some travel simply because they love to. Some travel due to various professional or personal reasons. It’s easier now to travel to far off places than ever before. Multiple airline choices and great connectivity have, to an extent, eased long distance travel. But with having the leisure of traveling by air comes a string of comfort issues. Some people complain of dehydration on long haul flights, while other complain of catching a sniffle every time they board a flight. Here’s a comprehensive list of facts that you need to know before travelling by air. We also list down the measures you can take to overcome various problems while travelling.

1. Stay Hydrated

Make sure that before and while travelling, you stay well hydrated. Dehydration becomes a common, and sometimes serious, issue while travelling by air. You are suggested to have a few sips of liquid after every hour while travelling. Dehydration while travelling can result in blood clots too. Water is best when you are trying to stay hydrated.

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2. Make Yourself Comfortable

Although carrying less luggage is suggested but a little advance panning can go a long way in making your long distance flight a comfortable one. If you are regular traveler, invest in a comfortable neck pillow for yourself. There are several neck issues you might have while sitting in the same posture for several hours. Also bring along an eye mask to rest your eyes. You can bring earplugs along if you want a quiet time aboard the aircraft. These small accessories can make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable.

3. Avoid Excess Coffee or Alcohol

Avoid alcohol before or while you are travelling. Don’t depend on caffeine-based beverages like coffee or tea to keep your hydration levels up. A cup or two won’t harm but too much coffee in your system is likely to dehydrate you and cause more harm. Avoid sugary colas too. These only add unnecessary calories to your daily nutrition without any benefits.


4. Take Care of the Skin

Due to the dry air of airplane, some people may experience major dryness in the skin post long flights. Carry a small bottle (within permissible limits of carrying as hand baggage) of hand lotion and apply two to three times on exposed parts of the skin. A lip balm and some eye drops should also be part of your travel kit.

5. Prevent Ear Pain

This is one of the most common issues people face during air travel. Pain in the ear usually happens due to the Eustachian tube that links our middle and inner ear. If the tube gets blocked it pressurises the middle ear because of the inequality in the cabin pressure. This pressure causes pain to the inner ear. In order to avoid the same, you can keep a chewing gum. Chewing it will help to make the pressure equal and comfortable to you. The action of chewing and swallowing helps to avoid the blockage of the tube. Alternatively, you can keep your favourite candy handy, pop it in during take-off and landing and enjoy a pain-free flight. Or just use a headphone and listen to some music.

hearing 620

6. You Can Exercise!

Many airlines now play exercise videos on the entertainment sets that help the body relax. Follow these simple steps to avoid discomfort arising from sitting in the same posture for hours. A little bit of walking up and down the aisle can also help blood circulation.

Neck crick is one the major problem one faces due to the same sitting posture all along the journey. Try this simple exercise next time you encounter this: Against the seat, with your back up , slowly turn your head towards your left. Then slowly turn it towards the other side. It will relax your neck and relive the pain. Repeat it for few minutes.

Giving a stretch to the body every hour or so can keep you from feeling tired at the end of the journey. You can try this movement of arms for the same. Move your wrists up and down with your arms stretched in front of you. Bend it in a way that your fingers point downwards.

neck roll


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