Airfare for August travel dipped slightly in the US. (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ egorych)
New figures reveal that domestic airfares in the US dipped slightly in August compared to the month before.

According to stats compiled by the Airlines Reporting Corp, travellers paid an average of $456 for their roundtrip domestic flight during the month of August, compared to $473 in July.

Ticket prices were also down 2 percent compared to the month of August the year before.

Despite the slightly lower fares, stats also showed that the value of sales increased to $7.4 billion this August, compared to $7.1 billion the same period last year.

The report looked at airline tickets sold by US-based travel agencies only.

Likewise, more travellers took to US skies this August than last year: The number of passenger trips increased 4 percent to 23,076,905 this year, compared to 22,130,120 in August 2016.

Results do not include sales of tickets purchased directly from airlines.


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