Google offers job to class 12 govt school student with salary of Rs 12 lakh per month

Google offers job to class 12 govt school student with salary of Rs 12 lakh per month

Dreams do come true. A class 12 student from a government school in Chandigarh who has landed a high-paying job with Google can vouch for it. Harshit Sharma, a student of Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 33-B, Chandigarh, has had an extremely fortunate turn in his life, with the internet giant offering him an incredible salary of Rs 4 lakh per month, reports the Indian Express. And, mind you, this is just the beginning.

Google has recruited Harshit as a graphic designer. The company will send him to California for training for a year where he will receive a stipend of Rs 4 lakh. Once the training is over, he will get a monthly remuneration of Rs 12 lakh.

Harshit, who had an interest in designing from an early age, says he can’t believe his dream has come true. He always wanted to work with Google. “Who knew that an average student like me will get a job in Google. I can’t share my happiness how I am feeling, it’s like a dream has come true. My hard work has paid off well,” the paper quoted him Harshit as telling Chandigarh Newsline.

Early on in his life, Harshit developed his skills from his uncle Rohit. He has a feeling of gratitude towards the man who taught him graphic designing as he never went to a professional institute to learn.

“I never expected to get selected for Google. Since the age of 10, I used to do graphic design as I was inspired and trained by my uncle Rohit Sharma. Slowly, it became my passion and I always aimed for a job in Google. Whatever I am is because of my uncle and I owe my selection to him as I never joined any professional institute for training,” said Harshit.

Google selected Harshit after he applied for position where he submitted his work, which included the posters he had designed. He received an appointment letter from Google in the month of June. Harshit will leave for California on August 7.