Digital getty

TAM Media Research, along with Israel-based business intelligence solution provider BI Science, has unveiled Digital AdEx, a service to monitor and provide information on advertisements across more than 3,000 digital publishers.

“We have been working with BI Science for over a year on Digital AdEx,” TAM Media chief executive LV Krishnan told ET. “We soft-launched the service a few months back, and have now integratedNSE 2.63 % it with AdEx India to offer multimedia insights across digital, TV, print and radio.”

Digital AdEx provide coverage of video and banners across platforms — mobile, desktop, laptops and tablets — for websites, video platforms such as YouTube, in-mobile apps and gaming.

Earlier, TAM’s AdEx India used to monitor over 650 TV channels, 900-plus print titles and more than 90 radio stations.

With the Digital AdEx, the company will be able to provide insights on not just digital campaigns, but also competitive analysis and performance.


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