Twitter Is Finally Dishing Out Data on Likes

Brands and agencies using Twitter’s Gnip application-programming interfaces finally have access to data on likes via the Decahose, the social network’s stream that provides a 10 percent random sample of its full real-time Firehose.

Data product manager Adam Tornes announced in a blog post that likes have been one of the most requested features by Gnip API users, adding that starting Tuesday, they can now receive public like events relevant to tweets delivered through the Decahose. He added:

Decahose customers can now programmatically consume, monitor and analyze likes in real-time. This enables:

  • Enhanced audience creation: Create an audience based on the people who like your tweets. Connect with the people already engaged with your brand and build lookalike audiences based on similarities. Target and optimize your content confidently, based on comprehensive metrics.
  • High-impact trend detection: Better identify trending topics. Monitor likes to understand public engagement in real-time. Derive metric-backed insights to help your customers be the first to know what’s happening.
  • Accurate counts of likes: Maintain accurate counts of public likes to analyze and optimize content. Monitor aggregate likes to prioritize to which tweets or tickets to respond.

Like events include the tweet and user metadata associated with each like, according to Tornes, and interested Gnip API users can contact their account managers to activate the endpoint or add Decahose to their accounts. Documentation is available here.