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Nowadays, more and more people are trying to eat and live healthy; thanks to the increasing awareness amongst millennials. Out of the many diets and safe eating habits, what made us curious was the invention of air-fryers. Wonder what they are? Air-fryers involve cooking any ‘junk’ food using minimal amount of oil or even no oil. That’s right. This technology has been introduced to us to encourage eating French fries or fried chicken without using too much oil; makes sense as you are eating unhealthy foods in a healthy way. Fried food is typically prepared by completely submersing the food in oil, allowing the food to take up an unhealthy quantity of oil which increases the fat and calorie content of the food significantly. However, does this tool in your kitchen makes a handy solution to your unhealthy eating habits? Is it healthy enough to rely on? Let’s find out answers.

What is an air-fryer?


Based on Rapid Air Technology, an air-fryer is a kitchen appliance that uses super-heat and less oil to cook foods that generally need a lot of oil to be fried. For instance, you can fry French fries in just about half a spoon of oil. Apart from this, you can fry, toast, bake or roast just about anything. It is believed that the air-fryer cooks food with about 80 percent lesser fat content as compared to the traditional frying methods.

french fries baked

We all are well-aware of the negative effects of traditional frying methods; it is known to cause heart diseases and weight gain leading to other health problems in the long run, which is why this intervention of air-frying makes quite a revolution here.


How does an air-fryer work?


The hot-air technology works in such a way that food is cooked with little or no oil, considering it extracts all the oil from the foods being cooked in it, making them dry yet flavourful and crisp with minimal fat content in it.

chilli soya nuggets

Is air-frying any healthy?


A lot has been said about the positive effects of air-fryers, considering they use less or no oil while frying, making it healthy as compared to traditional frying methods. Here, you are able to save a ton of calories and fat seeping in your body, making you prone to various health hazards. If you are a junk food lover, probably this is your best bet; however, looking at the bigger picture, it is good to still limit its consumption even if they are not dunked in oil. At the end of the day, they still aren’t the healthiest of foods and will eventually lead to weight gain and other health problems. These foods are in any way less nutritious than other foods.


While air-frying may come handy to you, you should understand that cooking these foods without oil may not make them completely healthy. Stick to limited consumption and ensure a healthy and happy body.



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