You Can Now Play Over 1,000 Windows 3.1 Games in Your Browser

The Internet Archive has brought more than 1,500 applications from Windows 3.x to life, and the collection contains many great games that are bound to kick in the nostalgia for some.

Part of the non-profit’s mission is to preserve access to digital technology that would otherwise get lost on its own. The website says “libraries exist to preserve society’s cultural artefacts and to provide access to them”. And the Internet Archive wants to be a Web-only version of the same.
There are over a thousand games in the games section, which is easily the biggest among the categories all the applications are split into – app, toy, productivity, and of course games.

Here is a list of the most popular ones at the time of writing for your enjoyment:

  1. Ski Free – Ski while avoiding rocks and trees
  2. Wheel of Fortune – Spin, spin, spin!
  3. Monopoly Deluxe – American version, sadly
  4. Bang! Bang! – Like Pocket Tanks, but with cannons only
  5. SimEarth – SimCity for the entire planet
  6. Solitaire XXX – You know what Solitaire is, right?
  7. Missile Attack! – The fire rises
  8. JezzBall – Who said building a wall wasn’t fun?
  9. Risk – Time to conquer the world
  10. WinTrek – Phasers! Photon torpedoes!

All the games are run under a super-compressed DOSBox compiled right into your browser. This is the perfect way to procrastinate into your weekend.


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