Good news for job-seekers! 1,286 openings in Amazon India, the highest in Asia-Pacific

There is some good news for individuals looking for jobs in India. Amazon India has as many as 1,300 vacancies in the country, which is the highest in Asia-Pacific as mentioned on its website. The openings in India are also three times as much as those available in China. Only Germany has as many openings as India, outside of Amazon’s home turf, USA.

Excluding the technology sector, these openings are in available in several industries. There’re 1,286 job openings in India, while China has 467 openings, followed by Japan with 381, Australia with 250 and Singapore with 174 openings.

Amazon is planning to expand its e-commerce and cloud business (AWS) ventures. Payments, content (Prime video), voice assistant (Alexa), food retail and consumer support are some of the key areas Amazon is expanding in the country. Amazon hired 60,000 employees by the end of 2018, which is 10% of its global strength of 6.1 lakh employees. Most of the new hirings are likely to be in Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

An Amazon spokesperson said: “With our constant growth, we are always looking for some exceptional talent across levels in areas of software development, product & marketing, machine learning, quality assurance, web development, product management, supply chain, content development, operations, studio & photography and for other positions in the India consumer business. We have created thousands of skilled and semi-skilled jobs in India over the past decade.”

She also added that India is a strong talent location for Amazon. Amazon teams in India work on complex business challenges to innovate and create efficient solutions that enable various Amazon businesses- both in India and globally. The teams in India also support payments, transportation, and digital products & services like the Kindle family of tablets, e-readers and the store.

Industry experts believe that these fresh openings could work in Amazon’s favour in the ongoing FDI policy discussion with the Centre. The newly-announced FDI policies could significantly alter the way Amazon conducts its business in India.


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