Google Maps for Android Update Brings Navigation Tweaks and More

Google Maps for Android received its first update of 2016 last month that added several new features including Driving mode and more. Now, there’s a new update for Android users that brings new features including a tweaked navigation interface, and from other changes.

The new Google Maps for Android version 9.20 is currently not available on Google Play India but can be expected to be rolled out in the region soon. For those who can’t wait for the new features can download the apk which is signed by Google via APK Mirror.

According to Android Police, the latest Maps version 9.20 for Android also brings some minor improvements such as adding a shortcut to the user Timeline to quickly add a place to the history.

One of the biggest improvements in the update is new signage that shows up on the Maps. The update will now show names of the streets and exits that you are supposed to turn to, instead of just showing the blue line. Another notable addition can be considered to be a setting to disable turn-by-turn instructions for voice navigation during an ongoing call. Earlier versions of Maps for Android unfortunately missed out the feature. Notably, the turn-by-turn voice navigation is enabled by default. Users can head to Settings > Navigation Settings > Play voice during phone calls, and turn off the setting.


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