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When it comes to healthy ageing, a quick internet search will throw up all sorts of complicated suggestions as to how to keep yourself looking and feeling young. However, according to Eastenders and Gavin & Stacey actor Larry Lamb, 69, the answers to this time-old question are pretty simple.

Here, he calls upon first-hand experience to give us his own top tips for staying ship-shape as you age.

1. Exercise regularly

Don’t use getting older as an excuse to become less active. Indeed, it is arguably more important than ever to stay active as you approach middle-to-old age, as Larry has discovered.

“Exercise every day is really important. Mostly I go walking or running, and recently I’ve been doing much more cycling… I started running about eight years ago and I love it, exercising regularly helps keep me energised as well as keeping me in shape.”

2. Eat well

Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet becomes more and more important as we age, as unhealthy eating habits have the potential to lead to all sorts of issues – such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes and even cancer.

“Watch what you eat, and keep alcohol consumption to a minimum! My diet has always been relatively healthy. Not much meat meat or fatty foods, and plenty of fruit and vegetables, and I start each day with a litre of water.”

3. Don’t ignore health problems

Research shows that men are up to 20% less likely to visit their doctor then women – despite the fact that they have shorter life spans. But, Larry says, ignoring a problem in the hope that it’ll just go away will only make matters worse.

“My joints had always been good but I found my knees were creaking a lot in my early to mid-sixties and I had really bad hip and knee pain. Like most I ignored it at first, however my knees were becoming increasingly painful and stiff and I couldn’t run, so I knew I needed to do something about it.”

4. Find what works

What works for someone else’s body might not necessarily work for you. If you’re suffering with a long-term problem, then take some time to examine the treatments available before settling on the most effective.

“Initially, I turned to a natural supplement with evidence to show it can be used for long term joint health. I was taking dry pressed fish oil then cod liver oil but that didn’t ease the pain. I then started using GOPO® Joint Health every day and now, two years on, I don’t suffer with creaks or pain or anything at all.”

5. Act your age

Last but not least, Larry says that embracing ageing as a positive process is the key to staying happy and healthy.

“I have never been concerned about getting older as it’s one of life’s inevitable aspects, there’s nothing you can do but embrace it and enjoy every second. Personally, I find age-denial rather sad, and silly really. As I approach my seventies, I’m excited for another 30 years of good health!”


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