Veganism provides nutrition with plant sources but avoids intake of meat and dairy products.

Ahead of their wedding day, young women are opting for preservative-free products for a long-lasting glow and balanced health.

The Indian wedding sector is reportedly estimated to be around $40-50 billion in size. So, it turns out to be an important market for many brands. Sheena Jain, founder of the fresh almond milk brand SAIN, says the uptrend of going organic and vegan is due to a greater awareness of wellness trends, especially among women in the age group of 18 to 40.

“Weddings are huge in India and every bride wants to achieve the right balance of internal and external beauty. Pre-bridal detox is a huge trend overseas and it’s catching up in India. The consumer rates back-to-basics food attributes like ‘all natural’, ‘no artificial colours or flavours’ and ‘plant-based’ as the most important,” said Jain.

Almond milk is a good source of Vitamin E, an antioxidant which has natural skin healing properties. Chef Swasti Aggarwal, food strategies at Foodhall, says eating organic and vegan is a huge trend in the market and a lot of brides are doing detox diets to look good on D-day.

“Veganism is great as it provides all the nutrition we need with plant sources, and avoids intake of excess fat and protein,” said Aggarwal, about the diet which excludes meat, eggs, dairy products and other animal-derived ingredients.

Supriya Chopra, founder, The Salad Story, is equally excited about the trend. “I think eating healthy is a huge fad in the market and a lot of brides and their families are doing detox diets to look their best. For instance, we offer a healthy package of fresh vegetables, variety of leaves and right proteins to fulfil your intake of important vitamins and minerals,” said Chopra. She also said that eating fresh and healthy is expensive, and preparation is not easy as it requires ingredients like balsamic vinaigrette, honey, olive oil, yogurt, feta cheese and berries.

“But it’s better to invest in balanced eating than spend later on trying to treat a lifestyle disease,” said Chopra.

Brides-to-be also have no qualms in opting for extreme vegan and organic diets for best results. Niyati Chabbra, 28, said: “With three months to go for my D-day, I was getting jittery and my skin was breaking out for no reason. My dermatologist suggested that I go off dairy and switch to almond milk. Not only did it get my glow back, my hair fall also stopped..”


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