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The job search process can be stressful. As a career coach, alleviating that stress makes my heart joyful. I’ve helped over 700+ individuals find meaningful work plus those that I’ve coached virtually or in a group setting. Over the years, I’ve taken note and measured the ways mid-career professionals turn their job search around. A day can feel like an eternity when you’re job searching, but if you implement these ways to get to the next level in your career, you will be likely to land your desired job soon.

Get a new one of these unless you’re in an industry below

Someone recently reached out to me on LinkedIn asking how to get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. I told them they’ve got to look like someone worth a busy professional’s time. People judge based on our appearance, and if you’ve got a LinkedIn photo that doesn’t look professional, how do you expect people to see you as a professional? JDP, a risk specialist firm, analyzed 2000 LinkedIn photos across 11 industries and they found the following industries to have the best LinkedIn photos: HR and recruiting, marketing, advertising and PR, sales, business development and real estate professionals. If you’re not in one of those industries, then it may be time to reexamine your professional image. To make your profile image stand out, JDP recommends considering the lighting, framing, resolution, your attire and facial expression.

Use this data to tell a story

Data is your friend in the job search process because it takes out the guesswork. The LinkedIn workforce reports are a great source of labor market information. You can find data for your geographical area and see the top skill shortages. Once you come across a skill that you can prove you have, mention it throughout your résumé and LinkedIn profile.  Politicians use the rule of three to get their point across; do the same. The more you weave in your unique value proposition, the more it will be remembered and the easier it will be to buy into the story you’re sharing.

Manage what enables you to act

Although you’re ready to move on from your current job, if you start to think about and focus too much on getting a new job, you may have less energy for your current employer. In a previous Forbes article, I mentioned why energy is a new buzzword in the career coaching industry. Your energy, or lack thereof, affects your attitude, productivity and focus. Prioritize your sleep because it’s one of the best ways to manage your energy.

Check what you’re selling

An employer is ‘buying’ your skills. If they can’t see or understand what you bring, they won’t hire you. These accomplishments enhance your value: generating revenue, saving money, boosting productivity, building clientele, improving processes, increasing profits, building new relationships and expanding stakeholders. What you’re “selling” ought to match the job description, and if you’re really serious about cutting your job search time down, then you’ve got to go beyond the job description and get exclusive insights on what’s wanted.


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