Twitter’s former vice president of engineering, Nandini Ramani, has joined Outcome Health as its chief engineering officer.

Ramani, who was ranked one of the world’s most powerful female engineers, joined Outcome Health earlier this month.

“I love the mission-driven aspects of health care and also the re-energizing of an industry,” she told CNBC.

Chicago-based Outcome makes technology for doctor’s offices, which is intended to improve the quality of in-person consultations and help patients stick to their treatment regimens. The company essentially digitizes — and makes a lot less boring — information that used to be contained in a pamphlet. The company makes money by charging payers like insurance companies as well as drug companies for access to aggregated patient data.

Examples of its products include an interactive anatomy “wallboard” for patients to get acquainted with their medical condition, and a digital waiting room screen, which provides patients with relevant content before they speak to their doctor.

Outcome claims to have reached 94 million patients via 140,000 mobile devices. It currently partners with 230,000 health providers.

In May, the company raised a gargantuan $500 million first funding round, which put its valuation at more than $5 billion as reported by Bloomberg.

Ramani said she was initially intrigued by the company because it has a female co-founder, Shradha Agarwal, who founded the company with Rishi Shah in 2006. Ramani said the “opportunity to touch so many lives” resonated after she heard about the company’s mission.

Ramani is one of a slew of former Twitter leaders to make the move into health care. Color Genomics was founded by Twitter alumni Elad Gil and Othman Laraki, who later recruited Twitter’s former global media vice president Katie Jacobs Stanton.


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