The search experience for Google+ on the web is getting a welcome boost thanks to an update that is widely rolling out today. Most significant is how searching is now less disruptive, while it is easier to categorize results.

In the past, simply clicking on the search bar would annoyingly first take users to the Explore page. Search is now completely in-line — no longer covering your previous page — and therefore much faster to start searching.

Meanwhile, some Explore elements, like Popular Topics, are now displayed in the search bar dropdown. Above those trends is a list of your most recent searches.

On a results page, users can now filter by Posts, Communities, Collections, and People & Pages thanks to a new tabbed interface. When in the Posts tab, user can also filter based on the post author for faster lookup.

These features should now be widely rolling out to all Google+ web users. For those keen on access to the latest features of the social network, Google last week reopened applications for an Early Access program that also allows participants to talk with the Plus team.




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