If you think all wedding nights are wildly romantic, sex-filled romps – think again. When stationary company Paper Shaker recently surveyed 1000 newlyweds, they found that 25% of couples said “I don’t” to sex on their wedding night.

This figure shouldn’t be surprising. Based on how our culture builds up the event, couples are expected to re-enact a hybrid of Fifty Shades of Grey-meets-every-Julia Robert’s-rom-com, ever made, something that probably isn’t realistic after a 20-hour day filled with copious amounts of booze, food and family togetherness. However, that isn’t to say you can’t still have an amazing, memorable wedding night together.

To get the lowdown on planning the perfect wedding night, I’ve consulted a handful of real life newlyweds and Sarah Nitchkey, a sex and relationship expert and author of the sexy blog, Marvelous Darling. Whether you decide to do the deed on the BIG night or not, here are five tips to follow to ensure you have a fabulous night together.


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