Is it better to stay in a secure position at the same level for a long time, or to take the risk and move to an unknown organization for a higher position? Read on to find out.

7 signs you need to change your job


“The average time a person spends at work is over 40 hours per week. So, given that we spend so much time at work, we owe it to ourselves to regularly assess our career situation and look out for signs that suggest a workplace change.”  

Complacency can easily set in and before you know it, you may have stayed for too long in a job that’s just OK. So, if you’ve noticed the following signs in your work life for at least a few months now, it’s time to consider switching your job for good.

  1. You’re not advancing professionally 

    If you want to progress in your career, but haven’t been promoted or advanced in the past three years, you have been working with the same company and in the same role, then it’s ripe time to search for jobs elsewhere.  It’s crucial to move your career forward within this timeframe; else you’ll be stuck in a rut.

  2. There’s no learning

    If your learning curve isn’t a curve anymore, or if you haven’t added anything to your skill repository, then this may signal a need to move on. Though learning is majorly an individual responsibility like getting involved in a new project, signing up for relevant courses, or attending conferences or workshops in your domain, learning core skills etc., if these opportunities don’t exist at your current company, then it shows your company isn’t actually serious about investing in your career development.

  3. You have no work-life balance

    Does it feel like you spend every waking minute working or thinking about work? Do you no longer have time to see your friends or do the things you love? The chances are you’re too consumed by your career. As important as your professional life is, it’s vital that you have a balance in your life. You need to be able to switch-off sometimes. If you’re finding you can’t, then maybe it’s time to think about looking for a new job.

  4. You don’t get feedback

    If you feel that your line manager doesn’t offer any constructive feedback on your performance, or it isn’t personalized for you, then it’s obvious that he doesn’t care much for your growth as a professional or about your rise within your organization. If he isn’t invested in your career development or providing nuggets of learning or feedback, it’s time to look elsewhere.

    “If you work hard but aren’t treated well or your input valued then this can be really bad for your esteem and make you feel worthless.”

  5. You’re never challenged

    When you spend an extended period of time with the same company and same role, you tend to do the same tasks repeatedly, without any challenges to take you off your guard. Unfortunately, if you keep using only a certain skill regularly, you may lose focus and not diversify your knowledge. So, it’s a great idea to look out for opportunities to work in other areas of business or try a different role or work with different co-workers.

  6. You’re never listened to or appreciated

    Do you feel your manager takes you for granted or favors others’ opinion rather than yours? He never appreciates your putting in extra hours or efforts or suggesting a good idea? If you work hard but aren’t treated well or your input valued then this can be really bad for your esteem and make you feel worthless. If all your efforts for turning around the situation haven’t done any good, then maybe it’s a sign to join a place where you will be appreciated.

  7. You are always bored!

    Do you have to drag yourself to the office every day? Do you find the work uninteresting or don’t see any value or purpose of your work done? Sometimes, boredom or monotony may creep in our jobs and we may feel stuck at our current jobs. Boredom could arise due to a variety of reasons, but if you feel a general monotony in your job, then it’s a sure sign to move on.

Besides these warning signs, it’s important to trust your instincts. You know your work environment better than anyone else does. So, if your gut suggests that you might be better off somewhere else, listen to that inner voice and go job hunting.


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