The choice of garment colour is a predictor of body mass index.

Your clothes say a lot about your personality, your state of mind…and even about your weight. According to a study done by the European Association for the Study of Obesity, the choice of garment colour is a predictor of body mass index (BMI). The findings reveal that darker and multicoloured clothes are preferred by women with higher BMI, while men with higher BMI are more likely to choose black or white garments.

To investigate this further, Charoula Nikolaou, Stuart Gilmour and Mike Lean examined the relationship between BMI and the size and colours of clothes purchased from a global online retail service. Between October and December 2017, data on body weight and height, clothing size, and colour were collected from over 34,000 customers who completed feedback forms.

Results showed that clothing size was closely related to BMI and waist circumference. Women with a higher BMI were more likely to buy black/blue or dark-coloured and floral dresses, and multicolour and dot-patterned skirts. Men with a higher BMI tended to stick to black or white trousers.

The study was presented at European Congress on Obesity (ECO2018).

Fashion tips for curvy girls

Taking a cue from this study, and follow these tips by Kristy De Cunha, Associate Designer of Female Clothing, Shopotox, to look your best:

* Pick the right fit: It may be tempting to wear oversized clothes, but De Cunha advises against it. “The bigger the size of clothes, the plumper you tend to look. Instead, choose an outfit that complements your body shape and size. Choose from comfortable fabrics and look for the right fit that flatters the slimmer parts of your body well,” says De Cunha.

* Go for shirts: For a casual look, wear shirts that are just one size larger than your actual size. “You can combine it with your favourite pair of cotton jeggings, your staple outdoor sandals and your everyday sling,” says De Cunha.

* Layer it right: Layering up helps hide flab. “You should have a stock of basic coloured capes and shrugs to go with everything. If your style is more on the bohemian side, own some printed or fringed numbers,” says De Cunha.


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