Coriander Seeds For Weight Loss: Here's How To Use Dhaniya Seeds To Lose Weight

Coriander or dhania is a commonly used herb that is used in almost all vegetable preparations in India. The flavor that just a few dhania leaves can lend to the dish cannot be reproduced in any other way. The dhaniapowder also finds numerous uses in the Indian kitchen and is usually included in the top five spices and herbs used in common Indian preparations. But did you know that coriander seeds can also be used to improve your overall health and also help in weight loss?

The health benefits of coriander are very well known. The bright green herb is a powerhouse of a variety of minerals and vitamins including potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, folic acid, and Vitamins A, K, and C. As such, coriander can help in solving a number of health issues. It’s also a hot favorite of cooks and chefs, especially those specializing in Indian cuisine, because any Indian dish is incomplete without a sprinkling of a few chopped coriander leaves.


Coriander seeds, although not as commonly found in kitchens as the leaves, have countless health benefits. From aiding digestion to preventing cold and flu and treating menstrual irregularities, coriander seeds or dhania ke beej can accomplish a lot. But one of the most important uses of coriander seeds is in weight loss.

How To Use Coriander Seeds For Weight Loss

All you have to do is take one tablespoon of dhania seeds and boil some water. Put the seeds in the boiling water and let it bubble for a minute or so. Remove the water from the flame and let it cool. Keep the water with the dhania seeds overnight and filter the water in the morning. Carry this water with you to work or whenever you step out and keep sipping it throughout the day. The seeds help the body in shedding the excess water weight, in a healthy and natural way. This method is safe and effective too.


You can easily get coriander seeds from your local grocery shop or you can harvest it from your own kitchen garden too. If you’re buying the seeds, try and pick up organically grown and fresh-looking seeds only. If you’re harvesting them, try picking them when they’re green. Ideally, the seed heads should have a little bit of the stalk too. Store these seeds with stalk in a brown paper bag for a few days, till they’re brown and completely dry. Once they’re dry, you can store them in an airtight container to prevent them from getting damp and clumping together. So now you know, who’d have thought how useful coriander seeds would turn out to be!


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