Developers Can Now Access Full Twitter Archive - for a Fee

Twitter has launched “premium full-archive search endpoint”, a premium product for developers that will provide them access to the full Twitter archive, including the first tweet from its CEO Jack Dorsey in 2016.

Starting Friday, the full archive search endpoint is available in beta for the developers’ community.

This is the first time that this data is available outside of Twitter’s enterprise application programming interface (API), the company said in a statement.

“Like the premium 30-day search endpoint, we want to give you greater access to Twitter history, and we want to make it easy to innovate and to grow your solution,” the micro-blogging platform added.

The feature works similarly to the 30-day endpoint and supports more complex queries, higher rate limits and other advanced features.

Twitter will also allow developers to experiment with the new API in a free “Sandbox” environment where they can test things with up to 50 requests per month.

Users can visit “Subscriptions” in their developer accounts to manage this new endpoint.

Last year, Twitter laid out a vision for its API platform and published a public roadmap.

The micro-blogging company committed to give the developer community a unified platform with scalable access to Twitter data and more predictability so that they can build businesses with Twitter.

The company launched a third type of API — premium APIs — to bridge two types of access to Twitter data.

The “premium APIs” can serve as “standard (free and public) APIs” that provide basic query functionality and foundational access to Twitter data and “enterprise APIs” (subscription-based), which deliver real-time and historical data to power businesses at scale.


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