Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Coming to Nintendo Switch Soon, Out Now for PS4 and Xbox One


  • The game has a 40 percent off launch discount
  • The Nintendo Switch release date is yet to be revealed
  • This could open the doors to Final Fantasy XV on the Nintendo Switch

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is a demake of Final Fantasy XV for Android and iOS that released in February of this year. Now it’s making its way to all consoles. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is now available on PS4 and Xbox One. It follows the same plot as the 2016 role-playing game. The open world of the original has been removed as have many of its side-quests. Final Fantasy XV’s fluid combat system makes way for a simplified, overhead perspective while its art direction has been tweaked to allow for character designed that are super-deformed or ‘chibi’ as it’s known.

The Nintendo Switch version isn’t available yet, it was perhaps planned for a Nintendo Direct announcement that was postponed due to earthquakes that hit Japan this week, though Square Enix has revealed it right now. On PS4 the Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition price is Rs. 1,498 ($18 in the US).

On Xbox One, the Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition price is Rs. 1,500 ($18 in the US). These prices are after a 40 percent launch sale discount. Else it usually costs Rs. 2,497 on PS4 and Rs. 2,500 on Xbox One ($30 in the US). Safe to say, the Nintendo Switch version would have a similar price tag.

Considering Final Fantasy XV’s reception has been mixed at best, what with a frequent number of updates to its story, it will be interesting to see if Square Enix decides to bring it to Nintendo Switch considering it hit PC earlier this year.


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