We Might Soon Have Emojis for Zombie, Hijab, Breast-Feeding, and More

We Might Soon Have Emojis for Zombie, Hijab, Breast-Feeding, and More

Apple recently introduced complete support for Unicode 9.0 in the developer beta of iOS 10.2. The new additions to the platform included emojis for facepalm, drooling face, shrug, among others. Now, we have got the glimpse of some emojis that might make their way to the mobile platforms by both Apple and Google next year as Unicode has just released the 51 emojis that have been proposed for inclusion in the Unicode 10 standard.

The new emoticons include some interesting additions such as dinosaurs, zebra, and a giraffe among other animals. However, the most noticeable part about the new emoticons is the acknowledgement of the diverse user base. In the past, emojis for different face-colour variants have been released but the new emojis go a step further in this direction.

In the list released by Unicode, there is an emoji of a woman wearing hijab, a woman breast-feeding, and a man with a long beard. Given that the applications that use these emojis have a user base worldwide, it does make sense that emojis represent all cultures in some form or the other.

Fictional creatures have also found their way to the list as now there is an emoji for a vampire, an elf, a genie, and a zombieThe list of the finalised emojis will be made available for the public with the release of Unicode 10.0 in mid-2017 as per Emojipedia. It should be noted that the emojis might eventually look different from the proposed images once they are released.