7 incredible castles around the world you can actually stay in

Gillette Castle

“I always felt I should have been born in the 17th or 18th century. They really had a big stone castle with authentic furniture”

-Margaret O’ Brien, American film, radio, television and stage actress

Ever thought of staying in a castle? Spend your next holiday like the kings and queens did, and explore their hallways and soak in the history. We take you through the 7 most amazing castles around the world where you can actually stay in:

1. Gillette Castle, Connecticut

Gillette Castle. (Shutterstock)

Gillette Castle overlooks the Connecticut River. It was partly planned by William Hooker Gillette, who also played Sherlock Holmes in theatre; the 24-room castle has quirky features such as secret surveillance mirrors. Each and every door in this castle is different and you can take part in various activities such as river camping and hiking.

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2. Balfour Castle, Scotland

Balfour Castle. (Shutterstock)

The Balfour Estate is surrounded by enormous and fascinating wilderness and is located on the Shapinsay Island, famed for their bays which once gave safe haven to Viking ships.

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3. Dalian City Castle, China

Dalian City Castle. (Shutterstock)

The enormous Dalian City Castle is quite new, it was built in 2001. It is a beautiful sight at night since it is always lit up and like any modern hotel a spa, swimming pool which overlooks the ocean through floor-to-ceiling windows, gym, beauty parlor, 292 lavish rooms and 29 suites.

Cost for one room for one night (2 adults): Rs. 10,071

4. Ashford Castle, Ireland

Ashford Castle. (Shutterstock)

Ashford, built in 1228, is Ireland’s oldest castle and was bought by the Guinness family in the 1800’s. It is a mixture of both old and new with chandeliers and armor, along with a sprawling golf course and a spa. Activities which guests can indulge in are falconry, clay shooting and archery, fly-fishing, horseback riding and boating.

Cost for one room for one night (2 adults): Rs. 18,199

5. Neemrana Fort Palace, Delhi, India

Neemrana Fort Palace. (Shutterstock)

You can spend holidays, parties and conferences at this palace which was made in 1464. Hanging gardens, two pools and an Ayurvedic spa are some of the things you can experience here.

Cost for one room for one night (2 adults): Rs. 5,600

6. Castell de Cardona, Spain

Castell de Cardona. (Shutterstock)

Castell de Cardona was built in 800 AD and towers over the Cardona village. Gothic elements adorn the fort which has 53 guest rooms. The property is attached to the renowned Church of Sant Vicenç and Minyona Tower, both of which date back to the 11th century. Wake up to the mesmerizing view of the undulating hills and Cardona every morning!

Cost for one room for one night (2 adults): Rs. 10,285

7. Peckforton Castle, England

Peckforton Castle.

The castle was previously owned by John Tollemach, who inherited the 36,000-acre property in 1840. Currently, the castle has 48 spectacular bedrooms, and was a hostel for disabled children during World War Two. Hollywood movies such as Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, and Doctor Who have been shot here.

Cost for one room for one night (2 adults): Rs. 14,746