Instagram Adds New Stickers to Let Users Ask Questions in Live Videos, Share Music, and More

Instagram has added a number of new interactive features to its Stories format. The new features enable Instagram users to ask for music recommendations from their followers, answer questions during a live stream, and more. The update is being rolled out on both Android and iOS starting today.

The Facebook-owned company announced these new features in a blog post on Tuesday. Users on Instagram can now reply to questions sticker with a song from the music library.

However, the feature is only available in regions where Instagram’s music library is currently available. When a user’s followers see a question sticker on their friend’s Stories, they’ll see a new music icon. Clicking on that icon will allow users to pick and share a song from their music library on Instagram.

Instagram is also enabling new camera effects that work with music being played on the app. Users can try these effects by swiping to the music section in the camera and clicking the new icons available above the capture button.

Users can also use the question sticker in their live videos on Instagram now. The feature lets you post questions as you would normally do in the Stories format. Once a user goes live on Instagram, they’ll be able to see your questions and answer them.

Followers will be able to view which questions are being answered at that moment. Instagram is also letting users share photos and videos during live broadcasts starting today.

You can also use the new countdown sticker in your Instagram Stories with the latest update. You can name your countdown, add an end date or time, and select the colour before posting it to your Stories. The countdown sticker will be available for use in your future Stories as well.

Users’ followers will be able to receive a notification once the countdown ends. The feature is available globally on both Android and iOS with the latest update.


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