blockchain illustrationA group of ad tech heavyweights and top brands are betting thatblockchain , the distributed ledger technology that underpins the cryptocurrency bitcoin, can fix all that ills digital advertising.

The startup Amino Payments has lined up support from ad tech giants like AppNexus and marketers like T-Mobile, and is hoping that blockchain can reduce fraudulent web ads and bring clarity to the murky ad exchange world.

To read more about how the group thinks blockchain will help advertisers spend their budgets more effectively, click here.

In other news:

A new messaging app hopes to learn lessons from Yik-Yak and become the next big thing on college campuses. Islands is a new messaging app aimed at college students.

Hillary Clinton promoted a news website “for the 65.8 million.” The website, called Verrit , advertises itself as a portal that “contextualizes noteworthy facts, stats, and quotes for politically engaged citizens.”

Facebook bid $610 million for the rights to stream Indian cricket matches. But the company lost the bid to Century Fox’s Star India, which won exclusive streaming rights with a $2.5 billion bid on Monday.

A 25-year-old CEO emailed Mark Cuban to pitch his anti-fake-news startup for investment – and it worked. Factmata is a British startup trying to tackle the growing problem of fake news and misinformation, with the help of artificial intelligence.

The “cord-cutter” generation is about to have its first big IPO, with streaming-media company Roku filing for an IPO on Friday. But that still doesn’t make Roku the next iPhone.

This is how Amazon is pitching ad buyers on the crop of NFL games it has rights to stream this season . Amazon will also share with marketers whether their NFL ads lead people to “take action” on and elsewhere on the web.

Speaking of Amazon, here’s one of the pitch decks Amazon has been presenting to ad buyers, reports Digiday. Amazon’s pitch to agencies focuses on its own power as a shopping behemoth.

Tronc, the publisher of the the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune announced that it is acquiring the New York Daily News. Tronc is acquiring the New York Daily News for just $1 , plus the assumption of liabilities.

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