Millions of Qualcomm-Based Android Devices Vulnerable to Attacks: Report
Mandiant, a cyber-safety firm, has released a record which states that gadgets walking on Qualcomm chips or code written via the chip maker are liable to assault. This vulnerability has been identified as CVE-2016-2060 which exists in a software program package maintained by using Qualcomm and if exploited, can provide the attacker get right of entry to to the sufferer’s SMS database, phone records, and greater. As that is an open source software package deal, it affects a ramification of projects that use the stated APIs, including Cyanogenmod.

The CVE-2016-2060 vulnerability, as Mandiant places it, is the lack of input sanitisation of the “interface” parameter of the “netd” daemon, that is part of the Android Open supply task (AOSP). This was part of some new APIs that Qualcomm brought a few years in the past to permit additional tethering skills, among different capabilities. with the intention to take advantage of this code, the attacker could both want get entry to on your unlocked device or execute the assault through a malicious software. The alarming part is that when you consider that this API is very regularly accessed via most of the apps for your cellphone, it is difficult for the Android subsystem to differentiate between requests from a regular app versus a malicious one. In fact, neither Google Play nor any of your anti-virus applications are likely to flag this intrusion.

The report states that it’s viable that masses of models, that means tens of millions of devices, are affected throughout the ultimate 5 years, across Android variations starting from Lollipop to Ice Cream Sandwich. Qualcomm has addressed this trouble by means of patching the “netd” daemon and in March alerted all of its OEMs too. I’s now as much as the OEMs to issue an replace to its devices but given the diversity and range of merchandise, there’s a threat that many might not be updated. Google has also formally stated this vulnerability after publishing the can also edition of the Android safety Bulletin.

“allowing strong protection and privateness is a pinnacle priority for Qualcomm technology, Inc,” Qualcomm advised gadgets 360 in an emailed statement. “recently, we worked with Mandiant, a FireEye organization, to cope with the vulnerability (CVE-2016-2060) which can have an effect on Android-primarily based devices powered through sure Snapdragon processors. We aren’t aware about any exploitation of this vulnerability. we’ve got made safety updates available to our customers to deal with this vulnerability.”

Mandiant further states that older devices are more susceptible as the attacker can extract SMS database, telephone call database, get admission to the net or every other activities allowed via the consumer. more moderen gadgets are much less affected on the grounds that Android four.4 KitKat added security upgrades for Android (SEAndroid), which supress this exploit to an extent. presently, this vulnerability is not being actively exploited but it is of issue as even Google has tagged its severity as ‘excessive’.

This isn’t the first time critical vulnerabilities have been discovered as capability threats in the international on Android. just remaining month, Google mentioned the CVE-2015-1805 vulnerability which was actively being exploited with the aid of an app within the Play store. previous to that Stagefright vulnerability , which affected hundreds of thousands of Android gadgets.

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