01/7Tips to get the job you applied for

We all know how challenging the Indian job market is and why unemployment is such a big problem here. So, during such times getting a job is easier said than done. No wonder, if you need to crack an interview, first you have to face and win the razor-sharp competition. And to do that you need preparation, strategies and confidence. To help you land that dream job, we bring to you a list of strategies or things that will give you an edge over other candidates and can increase your chances of getting a job.

02/7​An active profile on online job portals

Gone are the days when you would visit offices and drop a copy of your resume at the rightful place. Now if you want a job, you need to hunt for it and online job portals make this task so easy. But just uploading your resume would not work, you need to be active. Keep updating your resume from time to time. Also, professional networking sites like LinkedIn can be a great help because a lot of professionals use the platform to share their work and to stay in touch with the right people.

03/7​Don’t just apply for one job and then wait for a response

Many people make this mistake of applying for only one job and then pin their hopes on it. Trust us, nothing narrows down your chances of getting a job than this. Apply for multiple jobs even though you believe that you might not be the right candidate. It not only improves your chances of getting a job but also gives you an idea of what is going on in the job market.

04/7Follow up

Don’t just stop at applying for the job, you should follow up with the rightful person or agency when you don’t get a response after a respectful time. But don’t follow up too frequently because it might give the impression that you are desperate and impatient.

05/7Cover letter and resume

What many tend to ignore is the importance of a cover letter where you introduce yourself to the employer when you forward the resume. Because just mailing your resume is not enough and you need to explain briefly and in precise words your strengths while introducing yourself.

06/7Use your network wisely

When we say use your network, we don’t merely mean networking with the people you know in the filed you are applying for a job. A lot of times, our teachers and professors know about job vacancies because they are approached by employers during campus recruitment. Talk to them and keep them posted. Ask your friends to get you introduced to people in their profession. That way your network will grow and you would know about newer job opportunities.

07/7​Take inputs when you don’t get selected

We agree nothing can be as disappointing as not getting selected for a job you applied for but instead of being disheartened, you should look at the silver lining—this can be a learning opportunity for you to not repeat the same mistakes in your next interviews. And to ask for inputs about where you went wrong, you can reach out to the HR or the person who interviewed you and thank him or her for the opportunity. While you do that, you can ask politely if they would like to offer any advice, which would help you to prepare for future interviews.


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