How to help your kids overcome fear of exams

fear of exams

Competitions among students to excel in studies or sports and other activities is ever rising.

In the race to attain new heights, to be better than the rest or to be the best, students face a big challenge to perform well during exams. Most kids suffer from anxiety and fear of exams.

Study time is extended due to the vast syllabus. Lack of time to cover up the huge syllabus just before exam time makes many of them anxious and nervous.

As they struggle to face the daunting task of preparing well for the exams, how they choose to respond to the stressful situation is important.

By taking few steps, you as a parent can help ease their troubles and improve their preparation for exams.

The best thing to do is to be there for them, providing the much needed support.

Sit with them with a calm mind and positive approach.

Plan and set their time objectives intelligently.

Note the time and the level of stress involved in preparing different subjects, and prioritise them accordingly.

Help them to be committed to their studies by proper planning.

Participate in their self-assessment. Understand them and know their strength and weakness.

Help their to focus on their abilities and overcome their weakness.

Develop time management habits in them.

Help them to identify their stress areas. It will ease their examination stress and increase their efficiency and productivity.

Make them learn how to manage important and problematic lessons first when their energy level is high.

They may get caught up in sections which are not so important and waste their most effective hours when their energy level is high.

Give them proper personal assistance in their problem areas.

If time is running short to complete the syllabus, create more time by utilizing extra time like waking them up early in the morning.

Identify the causes of their wasting time, keeping a check on thier activities.

Develop in them the habit of meditation for 10 to 15 minutes every day. It will help them to improve their concentration level and learning skills.

Provide them with learning-friendly environment, keeping the atmosphere of the house peaceful.

Give them small leisure breaks that refresh them. Make them to sit under the sun during winters for few minutes.

In summers, encourage them to breathe fresh air during early morning hours or late evening hours.

Try to divert their mind from studies for a while in a constructive manner when you feel they are overdoing.

Make them eat nutritive food that does not make them sluggish. Avoid giving them oily, junk or outside food during this period.

Boost the confidence of your children by making them enthusiastic, hard-working, decisive and committed towards their studies.

Take their examination stress seriously. If the stress is too high to be handled by you alone, then take the help of an expert. Be a part of the counselling session.

Keeping them recharged during this time is important. Only you can help your child best to get rid of examination fever.